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I’m not sure if it’s my current mood or what, but I think I finally understand How to Dress Well’s appeal.  ”Cold Nites” seems to draw me in a lot more than any other HTDW tracks I’ve heard.  Not a fan of “Ocean Floor For Everything” but we’ll see how the rest of Total Loss feels in a couple months.  It drops September 18th.

What are we doing to our little girls?

Bad maternal parenting is running rampant. This study only shows what any good mother should already know. Teach your child modesty, talk to her about what she sees on TV and in magazines, involve her in athletic activities that teach her that her body is capable of so much more than just being a sexual object, and maybe, just maybe she won’t feel the need to look like a prostitute in order to be popular in kindergarten.

"Nothing is provocative anymore even for kids 
No room for imagining ‘cause everyone’s seen everything

Question what the TV tells you 
Question what a pop star sells you
Question mom and question dad
Question good and question bad

If history could set you free, from who you were supposed to be
If sex in a society, didn’t tell a girl who she would be
'Cause all my life I've tried to fight 
But history has given me

Sex, sex, sex, yeah
Sex, sex, sex, yeah”

-Marina & The Diamonds

After I got past my ears bleeding from the excessive amount of alien noises in Passion Pit’s “Cry Like a Ghost” I really started to like it. Gossamer feels like more of a grow on me album rather than the love at first listen Manners was. I was really pleased with the long awaited, much anticipated full length Purity Ring album, Shrines. If I had to pick an album to represent how my dreams feel it would be this one. Head on over to NPR to stream the new albums, both out July 24th.

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